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Recycle Plastic Granules

We can provide recycle granules from PP/PE which can beused for the injection of tables, chairs, Detergent bottles, mobile components, agricultural pipes, compost bins, pallets, toys, packaging furniture, housewares, and as an additive of bitumen in the production of bitumen waterproofing membranes.


PE Film

Our HDPE surface film is popular with waterproof membrane products. Our advantage than competitor is 7 micron surface film and easy to melt, 130,000㎡ per ton. The price of each square meter is much cheaper than our competitors, one or two colors print for customers, and it will reduce your cost greatly to use our surface film. Technical Data: - Thickness 7 ±2 micron. - Unit Weight 7 ±0.5 g/㎡. - Heat Resistance ≥120 ℃. - Elongation ≥200 %, Longitudinal. - Tension ≥3.0 N/10mm, Longitudinal.


OUR Materials

We have many grades of materials with difirent specifications and applications


High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from caps, suitable for injection applications, MFR 3.50-4.50 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C. And HDPE resins primarily made from jerry cans, and bottles, with mainly black, white, blue and red colors suitable for extrusion and blowing applications, MFR 0.24-0.60 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C.

PP Homo & Copo

Polypropylene Homo & Co-Polymer

Polypropylene Homo Polymer resins primarily made from industrial waste, with transparent, white, and different colors, suitable for injection applications, MFR 12.0-21.0 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C. And Polypropylene Co-Polymer resins primarily made from buttery and industrial waste, with black color, suitable for injection applications, MFR 8.0-12.0 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C.


Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from consumer and industrial films, suitable for film applications, MFR 0.55-2.0 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C. And Low Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from irrigation hose, suitable for extrusion applications, MFR 1.35-1.6 g/10min-2.16kg @ 190˚C.

IPP Raffia

Polypropylene Raffia

Isotactic Polypropylene Raffia grade, primarily made from woven sacks and jumbo bags, suitable for bitumen water proofing membranes application, MFR 7-10 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C. And Isotactic Polypropylene Raffia grade, with additives, suitable for injection application such as crates and boxes, MFR 8-12 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C.

Recycle Plastic Pellets

Leader of recycle polymers waste polypropylene “PP” & polyethylene “PE” granules in Egypt


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