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We offer top 2 branches services based on countless years of experience in the market.

Manara Plast

Manara Plastic technology is an Egypt based company, that working as a leader of recyclers of polymer waste PE & PP pellets in Egypt, and CaCo3 filler masterbatch pellets which suitable for blowing films, blowing molding, PP woven bags, PP sheets, and plastic injection products with fairly economically priced compared to other competitors. Our unflinching responsibility towards creating and ensuring a safe and clean environment countries.

Manara Trading

Manara Trading is a business solution and consultant for manufacturing and construction projects, we can save many solution of insulation and assembly Production Lines, by cooperate with many experience partners.

About Us

We at Manara Group have operated the business based upon our strong, long-standing foundation which gains trust and reliance from our clients in terms of quality products and excellent services. Our best products and services have been regularly maintained through continuous trainings and the development of skills and knowledge intensively provided to our personnel to enhance the pre-and-post quality standard products and services for the utmost satisfaction of every client that are relevant to the Company’s policies. We have two business branches, Manara Plast for plastic raw materials, and final is Manara Trading for manufacturing services and projects.


Taking care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider as our business partners and providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.


Al Manara Co. committed to make difference and developing quality products, services and solutions in response to customer demand to achieve maximum satisfaction and bring success in sustainable plastic raw materials business.

Why you choose us?

· Many years of experience. · Respecting the “Win – Win” principle. · Being always in search of excellence. · Believing in universal values. · Believing in service to humanity. · Working with a young, dynamic and talented team. · Being goal & solution oriented. · Believing in customer satisfaction.

What Do We Do?

International Trading Services (ITS)

From prepare suitable quotaion to production to quality inspection, our team is equipped with a diverse set of skills.

Global Business Development (GBD)

We focus on every aspect of our clients’ needs to leave nothing to chance.

International Sourcing Management (ISM)

All our work is executed with the highest degree of efficiency.

International Business Consultancy (IBC)

Our team works diligently to ensure that all your questions are answered and your needs met.

Global Marketing Services (GMS)

Our team works to expand your business across overwolrd and different markets.

Global Agency Services (GAS)

Cooperate with different partners and agencies overworld.

Recycle Plastic Pellets

Leader of recycle polymers waste polypropylene “PP” & polyethylene “PE” granules in Egypt


We have many grades of materials with difirent specifications and applications


High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from caps, suitable for injection applications, MFR 3.50-4.50 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C. And HDPE resins primarily made from jerry cans, and bottles, with mainly black, white, blue and red colors suitable for extrusion and blowing applications, MFR 0.24-0.60 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C.

IPP Raffia

Polypropylene Raffia

Isotactic Polypropylene Raffia grade, primarily made from woven sacks and jumbo bags, suitable for bitumen water proofing membranes application, MFR 7-10 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C. And Isotactic Polypropylene Raffia grade, with additives, suitable for injection application such as crates and boxes, MFR 8-12 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C.

PP Homo & Copo

Polypropylene Homo & Co-Polymer

Polypropylene Homo Polymer resins primarily made from industrial waste, with transparent, white, and different colors, suitable for injection applications, MFR 12.0-21.0 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C. And Polypropylene Co-Polymer resins primarily made from buttery and industrial waste, with black color, suitable for injection applications, MFR 8.0-12.0 g/10min-2.16kg @230˚C.


Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from consumer and industrial films, suitable for film applications, MFR 0.55-2.0 g/10min-2.16kg @190˚C. And Low Density Polyethylene resins primarily made from irrigation hose, suitable for extrusion applications, MFR 1.35-1.6 g/10min-2.16kg @ 190˚C.

What Our Clients Say

Hundreds of customers rely on our services. See what they have to say.

“I honestly could not be more pleased with Manara group services and profisional support.”

Mohamed Maghraby

CEO / Maghraby for Plastic Boxes

“Good Products, and Good Technical Support.”

Peter William

Import Director / AfroGreen

“Manara Group have been wonderful. They have the best customer service and always go above and beyond to answer my questions and make sure my needs are met.”

Hany Taha

Co-Founder / Al Dyar for Importing & Exporting

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