Al Manara for investment and commercial Agencies group, was established to meet the customers' needs and to further support their business growth, it is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. With years of experience in business, our dedicated team in Egypt & Saudi Arabia ensures consistent and reliable sources of our products and other materials for various industries. we offer complete transparency to our clients, working with the code of conduct and ethics.

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We believe that long-term strategic supplier relationships are key to bringing our products to market faster and better than the competitors. We work closely together with our suppliers, supporting them in their efforts to improve their operational and sustainability performance. We also involve them at an early stage of the design process, to help us innovate quickly and fulfill our customers’ expectations. At Al Manara Group, we believe that putting trust, transparency, and control at the heart of our customer and consumer experience is key to being a successful company.

Board of Directors Word

Our best feature at Al Manara Co. is our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward. We are extremely proud to be able to advise our clients and provide them with high quality products, we believe that Al Manara is able to offer the best blend of in-depth sector expertise, a proven ability to quickly comprehend the client’s core business and human capital needs, as well as promptness and agility in conceiving high-end tailor-made solutions.
An independent, privately-owned, our culture is far-removed from any short-term logic and is very much about building solid relationships over the years with world-renowned companies in a wide variety of sectors. This has been possible because of our relentless commitment to work closely in understanding not only the key strategic goals and single business models of our clients but also that subtle match between the talent that we look to attract and our clients’ satisfying. On behalf of the Executive Board of Al Manara Group top management team and our people around the world, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs and to supporting our candidates to pursue their career goals.


Taking care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider as our business partners and providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.


Al Manara Co. committed to make difference and developing quality products, services and solutions in response to customer demand to achieve maximum satisfaction and bring success in sustainable plastic raw materials business.


· Many years of experience. · Respecting the “Win – Win” principle. · Being always in search of excellence. · Believing in universal values. · Believing in service to humanity. · Working with a young, dynamic and talented team. · Being goal & solution oriented. · Believing in customer satisfaction.


International Trading Services (ITS)

From prepare suitable quotaion, production to quality inspection, our team is equipped with a diverse set of skills.

Global Business Development (GBD)

We focus on every aspect of our clients’ needs to help him in improvement.

International Sourcing Management (ISM)

All our work is executed with the highest degree of efficiency.

International Business Consultancy (IBC)

Our team works diligently to ensure that all your questions are answered and your needs met.

Global Marketing Services (GMS)

Our team works to expand your business across overwolrd and different markets.

Global Agency Services (GAS)

Cooperate with different partners and agencies overworld.

What Our Clients Say

Hundreds of customers rely on our services. See what they have to say.

“Manara Group have been wonderful. They have the best customer service and always go above and beyond to answer my questions and make sure my needs are met.”

Hany Taha

Co-Founder / Al Dyar for Importing & Exporting

“I honestly could not be more pleased with Manara group services and profisional support.”

Mohamed Maghraby

CEO / Maghraby for Plastic Boxes

“Good Products, and Good Technical Support.”

Peter William

Import Director / AfroGreen

Our team is always available to assist you.


Senco2000, Office12 , Tenth of Ramadan City, , Egypt 44629


+2 010 160 87 557
+2 011 25 64 04 52