Ethics & Compliance Program

Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

In the complex environment in which we operate, it is necessary to present, as clearly and simply as possible, the values, principles and general rules of conduct established by AL MANARA, in order for each employee to implement them, comply with them and be inspired by them.

##COMPLIANCE *Employment Laws and Regulations
We will comply with all applicable local / national laws and regulations relating to human rights, labor and employment where we operate. *Discrimination, Harassment, and Abuse:
We will not discriminate in employment including hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination on or retirement on the grounds of race, caste, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, health conditions or diseases, pregnancy, religion, union membership, marital status, veteran status or political opinion/affiliation and any category protected where we operate. No employee shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse by another employee or anyone associated with Plastic Bank including contractors and suppliers.
*No Forced or Child Labor:
We will never use forced labor or human trafficking in any form — prison, slavery, indentured, bonded or otherwise. We will always comply with the national minimum age for employment, the age of completion of compulsory education or any other specified exception.
*Fair Treatment:

We are committed to honoring the rights of our employees, as well as complying with all applicable wage and employment laws i n all areas of the world where we have operations.
We recruit, hire, and retain the best talent we can from around the world, reflecting the markets and consumers we serve. Developing and retaining a diverse workforce provides us with a sustained competitive advantage. We recognize a diverse mix of backgrounds skills and experiences that drives new ideas, products, and services, which strengthens our ability to achieve our goals. We are firmly committed to provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and do our part to create an environment in which our colleagues can grow and succeed.
*Society and Community:
It‘s our mission by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives , we continuously develop our ecosystems and social impact programs by empowering society and our communities.
*The Environment:
Protecting the environment is our ongoing commitment. We work every day to create winning products, use fewer resources, ensure less waste, and serve the greater good. We are committed to minimize any negative environmental impacts arising from operations.
*Confidential Information:
“Confidential information” is information not available to the general public, but we know as a result of our position with Plastic Bank. We all share a responsibility for the handling of Plastic Bank’s confidential information to prevent the loss of this important asset. We all must operate globally in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and maintain a thorough understanding of our company wide data privacy policies and procedures by completing the required annual data privacy training courses. We all share a responsibility for the handling of Plastic Bank's confidential information and confidential information we receive from partners to prevent the loss of this important asset.
*Conflicts of Interest:
We define a conflict of interest as any situation involving our business in which there is actual impairment, or a reasonable appearance of impairment, of an employee’s ability to act, objectively and independently, in the best interest of our customers. We must avoid situations where a coflict of interest may occur and must disclose to our customers any coflict of interest.
*Complying with Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Laws:
We do not condone, under any conditions, the offering, making or receiving of kickbacks or bribes or any other form of payments that are illegal under applicable law or regulation — including those known as “facilitating payments.” Regulations do not exist, Plastic Bank forbids any form of kickbacks, bribes or improper payments by or to suppliers. We must comply with all applicable anti -bribery or anti -corruption laws and regulations at a local level. Even where such laws or regulations do not exist, Plastic bank forbids any form of kickbacks, bribes or improper payments by or to suppliers. ##PREVENTING MONEY LAUNDERING
*Preventing Money Laundering:
Money laundering is an attempt by individuals or organizaons to hide the proceeds of their crimes by making those proceeds look legitimate. Money laundering is against the laws and we abide by them. We shall not accept, facilitate or support money laundering. Our approved payment and sales practices are designed to ensure not to violate these laws.
*Complying with Antitrust & Competition Laws:
We compete vigorously and fairly, we must all abide by competition laws (also reffered to as "antitrust" laws). These laws can vary from market to market, but their common goal is to preserve free open competition and to promote a competitive marketplace.
*Our operations worldwide are guided by these principles and we expect our suppliers, including:
Contract manufacturers, contractors, vendors. - Other business relations and providers of goods or services, collectively, the suppliers to share these ethics and commitments.
*In establishing this code:
AL MANARA reviewed and considered the principles outlined in recognized standards and guidlines, including: - The Global Social Compliance Program Reference Code. - The International Labor Organization 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. - The United Nations' Global Compact. - The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Humman Rights. We support the efforts of such organizations whixh seek to improve working and environmental conditions, and we encourage our suppliers to promote these same standards.


In a world facing considerable ongoing economic, environmental and social challenges, AL MANARA strives to bring its customers sustainable and innovative solutions contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. To that end, AL MANARA operates as a sesponsible supplying resolutely observes a policy of continous progress and operational excellence, the company cultivates interaction and close relations with its stakeholders through open and constructive dialogue. Supporting the United Nations Global Compact and complying with the Responsible Care initiative, AL MANARA social responsibility target is to create value both for stakeholders and the company.


Sustainable development solutions are central to AL MANARA policy and upgrade of its product range. Through continous skills development, decisions on research focuses, its organization structure and operation processes, AL MANARA is working, with its partners, to develop solutions that meet current and future social challenges. The company is committed to ongoing dialogue and operational excellence, designed primarily to satisfy its customers and partners and to develop their loyality.


AL MANARA goal is to rank among the leading materials supplying in safety performance. Its workplace health and safety policy is based on risk prevention, management guidlines and culture of safety. The company also takes care that neigther people's health or safety, nor the environment, are impacted by its products. The company is working to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy and water, decrease the emissions stemming from its activity, try to use of renewable resources, and faster the circular economy. The company places great importance on conducting its business in respect of principles and rules on ethics, integrity and compliance.


Open dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is a cornerstone of AL MANARA social policy. The company adheres to Humman Rights and fundamental freedoms and places them at the heart of its business activities. It favors the individual and collctive development of its employees. AL MANARA human resource policy places a key focus on the development of skills and the promotion of diversity. The company strives for open dialogue with its customers, suppliers and partners with a view to building a responsible value chain that creates shared value.