CaCo3, CaSo4 & Talc Powders

Our   products   are  a  fine particle   size,  high  brightness calcium carbonated and Talc, derived from pure limestone.

CaCo3 Powder

Welcome to AL MANARA MINING, your trusted destination for Calcium Carbonate Powder in Egypt. As a leading Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier in the region, we take immense pride in offering top-quality products. Our company, headquartered in Tenth of Ramadan city.

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TALC Powder

Our TALC POWDER have a low  loss   on   ignition  and a low  iron   content,  suitable  for  such applications where highest brightness is required.

It is used in Paints, Ceramics, Coating, Cosmetics, Fertilizers, Cables, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Body Powder, TiO2-Spacer, Whiteness Boosters of Coatings.

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Agricultural Gypsum (CaSo4)

Calcium Sulphate is an agriculture fertilizers product could be used in both agriculture and industrial.
Gypsum is mainly used as a soil ameliorant to improve the structure of sodic and magnesic soils.

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Our Categories

We offer main three mining categories

Un-Coated CaCo3

Uncoated Calcium Carbonate is used the most in all kinds of Calcium Carbonate. It is applied popularly in Paint industry, Paper Industry, Rubber Industry, Coating Industry, and so on. In order to meet all customers' demand we are provide the number of big quantities and various size and package.

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Coated CaCo3

Our surface treated Calcium Carbonate powder enables the powder to be compatible with other organic media. Complete and correct surface treatment with stearic acid provides better mechanical properties to the plastic products, such as improving the Modulus, Tensile Strength, Elongation Break and Tear Resistance.

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TALC Powder

Talc Powder is a versatile mineral filler and extender. It is used in a variety of industries. It is white-coloured, soft, chemically inert, lamellar, opaque, hydrophobic and organophilic.
It is used in many industries, including papermaking, plastics, paints and coatings (for example, for metal casting molds), rubber, food, electrical cables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and ceramics.

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1. Ultra-fine CaCo3 Items.
2. Super-fine CaCo3 Items.
3. Extra-fine CaCo3 Items.
4. Max-fine CaCo3 Items.
5. Prime-fine CaCo3 Items.
6. Animal Feed Grade Item.

1. Lux-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.
2. Max-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.
3. Fort-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.
4. Mega-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.
5. Pro-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.
6. Special-fine Coated CaCo3 Items.


1. Extreme-fine TALC Items.


We are very care in Al Manara Group to provides our clients with the purest products  in the world, so  we take our stone pits from the best places  in Egypt specially from Minya,  that  was famous in the  purest calcium  carbonate  in the world,  We are also care to present pure and high quality product  to be suitable for  all needs & requirements of  all factories in the worldwide.


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